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We have moved beyond just asking if people need speed into one where we ask how it will be delivered.  The area of high speed broadband delivery is becoming increasingly complex and the ecosystem harder to navigate. 
Before "FTTH is more relevant" than ever but the issues are also more confused than they have ever been.

What is the true potential of competing technologies?

  • Vectored DSL
  • Phantom mode
  • G.Fast
  • Cable
  • LTE

During the conference delegates will discuss:

  • What is the truth and what is the fiction? 
  • Failure to understand the real potential as well as the limitations of the competing technologies could be fatal for your business.
  • What is likely to happen in the real world?
  • How will business models need to evolve in the short term?
  • What is happening in the best FTTH deployments? 
  • What is best practice? 
  • What issues need to be addressed? 
  • What has been learned from global deployments?
  • What regulatory issues are shaping the future for FTTH?

In addition, panel and interactive sessions will look at the challenges in the industry and how they can be faced.

The conference will be an excellent opportunity to network with fellow professionals, learn best practice and educate yourself about upcoming trends.


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