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>>Agenda>>FTTH Forum 2013 (09.10.2013)
09 - 10 - 2013

>>08h30 | 09h00 Reception & Welcome Coffee>>

>>09h00 | 09h10 Welcome Message & Opening of the FTTH Forum 2013>>
  Hassan Claussen, Hansecom

>>09h10 | 09h40 Introduction of Conference Chairman
Ftth in the Real World.. What works and what doesn't. >>

The presentation will include lessons from Ventura Team's own startup (rated 4 in the World for service value and with 155k subscribers overall in the group), our consulting on the strategy and business plan for the world's fastest FTTH incumbent operator as well as millions of homes passed planned and implemented for clients.  It will share what really works and how bad planning and even apparently minor changes can destroy returns for the operation.

Richard Jones, Ventura Team

>>09h40 | 10h10 Worldwide panorama of FTTx rollout: Figures & open questions “Regional breakdown, VDSL vs FTTH, FTTx revenues in 2017”>>

Worldwide picture of FTTx rollouts with the specificities of each regions.
Reasons of success and failures.
What are the strategies of today main players deploying FTTH or FTTx platforms?
And finally, what will be the revenues for FTTx markets up to 2017?

Roland Montagne, Idate

>>10h10 | 10h40 Keynote presentation TURKCELL SUPERONLINE>>
  Murat Erkan, Turkcell Superonline

>>10h40 | 11h00 Coffee Break>>

>>11h00 | 11h30 Speed is a must but content is everything!>>

In today's broadband world, fiber is the most important and up-to-date technology. As TTNET, we value the transformation of fiber, customer-focused innovative products, and we will continue to contribute to economic growth in Turkey with our services. In addition, we put a lot of effort on dissemination and end-user transportation of high-speed, fiber optic broadband in Turkey. Besides fiber technology, our customers also meet with higher speeds in broadband. We increase the benefit of our customers by value-added services especially with our IPTV service Tivibu. In Internet age, we develop our products and services by the fastest speed ever reached; we enrich our customers’ lives…

Mert Başar, TTNET

>>11h30 | 12h00 Gigabit Jersey>>

Tim Ringsdore will talk about the Gigabit Isles programme – the why’s and wherefores and the learning’s from that project so far. Tim will give an introduction about the JT Lab and how it is reliant on their FTTH network. He will also explain, how they are working with the government to help make Jersey a digital hub for Europe.

'Gigabit Jersey' will bring superfast broadband to every home and business in Jersey, delivering the 'next generation' of broadband services today.

JT are using the latest technology to create a fibre broadband network that will enable all users with the ability to access the Internet at speeds of up to 1Gbit/s, the fastest for a residential network in the western world.

Fibre broadband will revolutionise the Internet experience for home users and generate significant opportunities for local businesses and attract those looking to invest in the Island.

Jersey will soon be one of the best connected places in the world!

Tim Ringsdore, JT

>>12h00 | 12h30 Smart City Amsterdam>>

Amsterdam has developed the city as an open and user centric platform and is successful in the collaborative bottom up approach through citizens engagement. Frans-Anton will share best-next but also worst practices of the Smart City projects where citizens, SME's, other businesses, governments and science institutes collaborate. Imperative for a Smart City is the combination of electricity and connectivity through symmetrical fibre optic technology that make data widely available, the fuel of a Smart City. This gives everybody the opportunity to develop all type of apps to create a more liveable city and will result in happy citizens.

Frans-Anton Vermast, Amsterdam Smart City

>>12h30 | 13h00 How to evaluate the impact of different technology options on the enterprise value>>

The impact of fixed broadband investment on the enterprise value is determining the investment decision of incumbent network operators as well as green-field operators. History has shown so far that FTTH in many cases is not a financially valid option for many of those operators. The biggest levers on the business case are the investment level on the one hand and the additional revenues on the other hand. This presentation will provide an overview of the financial impact of the FTTH case, while comparing it with the heavily discussed marketable alternative Vectoring VDSL, and the regulatory implications of vectoring VDSL. In addition this presentation will provide analyses on the key levers and show what needs to happen on the demand side to make FTTH a solid investment from a financial point of view.

Manfred Schmitz, Detecon International GmbH

>>13h00 | 14h00 Lunch Break>>

>>14h00 | 14h20 Afterkoon Keynote
Ordinary Lives in the Speed of Light>>

Connection speed is like money... There is never enough money and connection speed. I began my internet adventure with 2400 bps modem from a telephone line... Now i am using, as an ordinary user who has 1 gigabit fiber connection. Faster connection means more demand for internet and it changes the way i live and work.

Serhat Ayan, Journalist

>>14h20 | 15h40 Panel session Smart Cities>>

Smart cities have been a hot topic in the industry for a while but as we see cities, campuses and other developments emerge, it is important to explore the realities of the situation.  Open access can promote the interests of property owners while operators traditionally want to have exclusitvity.  The session will explore the topic and look at which applications will make a significant difference for users, operators and developers as well as which ones will generate revenues directly or promote higher property values/rentals?

Moderator: Richard Jones, Ventura


  • Frans-Anton Vermast, City of Amsterdam
  • Guy Redmill, Redmill Communications "Smart Cities: Making Sense of the Ecosystem and Stakeholder Issues"
  • Selen Kocabaş, Chief Corporate Business Unit Officer, Turkcell
  • Paolo Sebben, effectas Switzerland
  • Serhat Ayan, Blogger/Journalist

14h20 - 14h40 Guy Redmill "Smart Cities: Making Sense of the Ecosystem and Stakeholder Issues"

14h40 - 15h00 Paolo Sebben, effectas

15h00 - 15h40 Panel discussion



>>15h40 | 16h00 Coffee Break>>

>>16h00 | 17h20 Panel session>>

The FTTH Forum 2013 will host a CXO panel session that brings together C-level executives of large Telecom Operators, discussing the key priorities, areas and technologies for next generation networks.

Moderator: Guy Redmill, Redmill Communications


  • Nevra Duru, Marketing Director, Turkcell Superonline
  • Tim Ringsdore, Managing Director, Jersey Telecom
  • Jaume Salvat, Aggaros
  • Erdem Ozsaruhan, Vodafone
  • Yunus Çelebiler, Turknet

16h00 - 16h20 Jaume Salvat "Behind the scenes: infrastructure is just the first step"

The Information and Communication Technologies are playing a key role in helping the development of all economic sectors and the competitiveness of the countries. There is a need to have the right broadband infrastructure in place and there is no better option than deploying the best possible future proof network technology: Fiber to the Home, which has no limitations to cope with the needs of the actual and future services. While it is true that the deployment of FTTH access network requires significant investments, it is also true that the customer demand for FTTH services has generally been higher than expected, with lower operating costs than traditional fixed networks, improving the initial expectations of the businesses plans. The presentation covers some lessons learned in strategic, commercial and technical

16h20 - 17h20 Panel discussion


>>17h20 | 17h30 Wrap-up By the Conference Chairman>>
  Richard Jones, Ventura Team

>>17h30 | 17h40 Lottery of an iPod Nano and closing of the conference>>

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